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Calvin F. Isaak
President and CEO

“Invest with somebody you trust. At Isaak Bond Investments, we’d rather give up our business than give up our business ethics.”

After almost 50 years of working within the municipal bond industry, Calvin F. Isaak founded Isaak Bond Investments in 1977. The company has flourished by following Calvin’s founding business principles, which include high standards in business philosophy and ethics. Through the years, Calvin has directed this family-owned enterprise toward superior execution, excellent customer service, honesty, and a never-ending respect for clients. Today, Isaak Bond Investments specializes in fixed-income securities such as tax-free bonds, U.S. Treasury bonds, convertible bonds, and corporate bonds.

After graduating from the University of Denver with an M.B.A. in Accounting in 1958, Calvin became a practicing Certified Public Accountant. He was introduced to the municipal bond business in 1961 as an employee of Boettcher & Co. Later, he specialized in corporate securities at Lehman Brothers in Denver, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Before he founded Isaak Bond Investments, he was regional sales manager of fixed-income investments for E.F. Hutton & Co.

Calvin has been married for over 50 years, and has three children and six grandchildren.
David J. Isaak
Vice President/Owner

“For a small company to succeed in a large industry, there are several things that we must do exceptionally well: seize opportunities, harness technology, and develop long-term relationships based on trust.”

David J. Isaak has been buying and selling municipal bonds for more than 26 years. Because David is the son of Calvin Isaak, you might say that this business is in his blood. David has valuable experience navigating the turbulent financial waters of the last two and a half decades. As head municipal bond trader, he combines for clients through understanding of the industry, a rich heritage of Isaak Bond Investments’ success, and a firm grasp on Isaak Bond Investments’ position for the future.

David is uniquely qualified to carry into the 21st century the company’s ideals: to work hard, to conduct business ethically, and to build clients’ trust. David’s understanding of new technologies will ensure Isaak Bond Investments’ ability to provide clients with the most complete market coverage and keep the firm on the cutting edge.

David is a graduate of the University of Denver business school, with a degree in finance. He is married, has three children, and pursues his passion of running a small cattle ranch in Sedalia, Colorado.
  Robert Cheung
Sales Representative

“Understanding that the Bank Qualified municipal market is extremely competitive reinforces my personal belief that hard work and persistence is essential to success.”

Robert Cheung joined Isaak Bond Investments in 2001 and is responsible for Bank Qualified municipal bond sales to a variety of commercial banks, advisory groups, and industry traders. Through persistence and hard work, Robert provides a valuable service in an ultra-competitive niche of the municipal bond market.

Robert’s approach to selling bonds focuses on establishing long-lasting relationships built upon trust and respect, which is earned through listening and understanding his clients’ needs and objectives. To assist with meeting these needs and objectives, he has developed a growing network of resources including the primary and secondary bond markets, brokers and traders.

Prior to joining Isaak Bond Investments, Robert was a Senior Consultant with where he worked closely with senior level executiveson improving recruiting processes at some of the world’s largest corporations. He is a graduate of the University of Oregon business school, with degrees in management and finance. Robert married in 2001 and enjoys a variety of outdoor activities in Colorado.
Byron R. Isaak
Vice President

“The smart investment policy when you have money to be invested is: find the best value you can, put your money to work, and move ahead. You’ll come out better in the long run by not trying to outsmart the bond market.”

Byron Isaak was born and raised in North Dakota. After spending four years as a school-teacher in South Dakota, he joined Isaak Bond Investments in 1979 and became directly responsible for individual sales as a registered representative.

Byron’s strengths in the municipal bond business come from his lengthy industry experience. For over 30 years, he has worked to uphold Isaak Bond Investments’ guiding business philosophy: work harder, and smarter, and quickly respond to each client’s needs. Byron has learned to examine a credit’s worth and determine its quality in greater detail than its Moody’s or Standard & Poors rating. He routinely shares the “story behind the bond” to illustrate why a bond may be a good value. And he knows the importance of listening to his clients so that he fully understands their goals and objectives. Nimble responses to clients’ inquiries and the patience to find issues that accommodate his clients’ requests are routine services that make Byron a valuable asset to the Isaak Bond Investments team.

Byron has been married for 36 years and has two children. He enjoys playing tennis and golf.
  John E. Ranta III
Assistant Vice President, Institutional Sales

“By representing my clients in the secondary market, I hope to develop long-lasting relationships built on a partnership of trust.”

John (Ned) Ranta’s primary responsibility at Isaak Bond Investments is to assist a variety of portfolio managers and traders with the execution of municipal bond transactions. In the over-the-counter market, Ned’s bidding and swapping skills provide a valuable service to a sophisticated clientele who know the market well and demand a high level of expertise.

His satisfaction in this business comes from the growing level of respect he has received from his base of contacts. Ned’s approach to selling bonds focuses on providing consistent and accurate information with regard to each potential transaction with which he is entrusted.

Prior to joining Isaak Bond Investments, Ned began his career with Smith Barney as a financial consultant. He holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Denver. Ned married in 1997 and enjoys a variety of sports in the mountains of Colorado.